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If you start up a business then keeping accounts is a legal obligation and keeping good records is vital in running your business effectively. There are many ways of keeping accounts.

Traditionally, accounts were kept on paper with handwritten entries. It is still possible to buy manual book keeping journals. However, handwritten accounts can take a significant amount of your business' time and it is easy to make mistakes.

For simple businesses it is possible to use computer spreadsheets to keep accounts. They can do the sums for you and update all data in a series of spreadsheets simultaneously. However, designing and maintaining a spreadsheet accounts system can be a significant task. Mistakes made in a spreadsheet may go unnoticed and not get corrected until the end of the year.

Computer based accounts packages can:

* save time by only requiring you to enter information once
* keep track of your business' debtors and creditors
* reduce delays between making a sale and generating an invoice
* automatically calculate VAT
* facilitate more accurate forecasting
* allow you to add payroll modules to calculate pay and produce pay slips

Amel (UK) can recommend the best solution for your business. In addition we offer the facility to deal with all of your day to day book keeping.

We will set up a rountine where all of your accounting records are collated and from mthis we will produce your managment accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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