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Business Names

Choosing a name for your new business is an important consideration. The business name creates an impression of what the business is and what your business is about. It creates the first impression for any potential customers. The business name forms the foundation for your business image and brand.

The choice of name is will depend on the image you are trying to project. For example, should your business name reflect what your business does, i.e, removals, office supplies, printing? Do you want to include your own name or initials within the business name to personalise it? Are you looking for a modern sounding name or something more traditional? If you are restricting your business to geographical areas then you may want to include this as part of the name.

This will largely depend on what your business is about. If you intend to trade overseas quite often words can get lost in translation or mean something very different when translated!

Long names may be best avoided as they will need to be repeated each time you receive a telephone call or have an initial meeting with someone outside of the business. If the temptation would be to abbreviate the name in everyday use then perhaps you should consider a shorter name or even the abbreviated name.

If you are considering listings in a very competitive market then think about a name beginning with A.

In addition, if someone is already using your preferred business name you need to consider an alternative. If there is a potential conflict between your newly formed business and an established business with the same or similar names you may legally be forced to change your business name. This may be dependant on the nature of the business and geographical locations but is probably best left avoided.

When choosing a business name you also need to consider if the domain names would also be available as ideally you want your business names and domain names to match to reemphasise your brand.

Do not use any words in the name which may be considered to be offensive or are sensitive. Sensitive words are those that may give a false impression about your business, for example words that suggest the business is linked to government or royalty or words that suggest a special status.

There are also regulations that restrict the use of certain names.

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