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Work from Home

If you only require a small office then there are several advantages in running this from home. The most significant advantage is that it keeps the business costs down. In addition it has significant advantages in terms of travelling to and from work! Most people can probably take at least an hours travelling time off their typical working day, or make their working day more productive by substituting their travel time with productive work time. This also allows for greater flexibility, i.e. it is possible to work an hour or so mid-evening or to include some work time over a weekend without impinging too much on your free time.

The potential downside is that you do need to keep your home life and work life separate. It wouldn’t sound very professional if you have the dog barking or kids crying in the background whilst you are trying to clinch that important business deal. If you do need to see clients and they are visiting your office would that create a barrier for your business? This would depend on the nature of your business.

Working form home may not be an option if it significantly changes the building or local area, i.e. structural changes or lots of visitors.

It is very important that you check with your mortgage provider that there are no restrictions on the use your home for working and check your insurance would not be invalidated if you work from home. There are also legal considerations, you might need planning permission, or you may become liable to business rates.

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