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Training & Development

When you have invested in staff you will need to consider staff development and training. The cost of training can be extensive. However, if training needs are properly evaluated it is should be an investment, i.e. the business should expect to get some benefit from it.

It should be possible to measure the benefits of training. What are you hoping to achieve through the training. Is it increased productivity, a reduction in the number of errors, increased skills, etc. If you have statistics prior to the implementation of training it should be possible to measure the impact of training.

To keep ahead of your competitors, you need a strategy for training which:

  • looks at where your business wants to be (this should clearly be identified within your business plan)
  • identifies the training needed to get there

A training strategy should bring positive advantages to your business.

  • Your staff will positively respond to your commitment to their career development and are likely to become more motivated to perform well and be dedicated to the business
  • Well-trained staff will be able to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently and productivity may go up

An effective training strategy should be integrated with business planning and staff development. The process of evaluation your training is central to its effectiveness, helping to ensure that:

  • your training budget is well spent
  • people give their best as individuals and teams
  • you achieve consistently high standards
  • a culture of learning and continuous improvement is established in your business
  • your business develops a best practice approach
  • people want to work for your company

Amel (UK) Limited is a registered QuickBooks Professional Advisor and can provide training on a range of QuickBooks Accounting systems. The training can either be generic to cover all the basic functions of the system or alternatively, designed specifically to suit your individual business needs.

In addition, we can provide training on a range of financial subjects including “Finance made easy” which covers all the basics of accounting without the complexity.

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