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  • "For a business to succeed, many essential elements must come together - one of these is rigorous financial management. When Amel joined the team, the level of confidence in our figures soared."
  • "Amel revolutionised our accounting systems by implementing a management accounting system that is produced on a monthly basis and gives us a clear idea of our performance. By identifying and addressing costs and cash drains, they have helped our margin and cash flow to improve noticeably."
  • "Amel have provided specialist guidance and support for our internal accounts department, and retained responsibility for producing prompt and accurate management accounts and reports each month. This has been invaluable in a period where our business has continued to grow to a turnover in excess of 50m pa, and Amel have consistently maintained a cost effective, professional and very high standard of service."
  • "The help, advice and training we received from Amel was truly excellent and has proved to be a superb investment for a small company such as ours. Our trainer was both patient and flexible and managed to teach us all we needed to know at a pace which suited us. We are now equipped with the skills to provide our Directors and Board with high quality & reliable financial information"
  • "Amel's input has not been limited to the area of finance or office hours. They regularly advise on general management issues and provide significant input into key strategic decision making."
  • "We found Amel to be very helpful; they set up the QuickBooks software in a smooth and efficient manner, offering clear and easy explanations of how the system worked and its many uses."
  • "We would highly recommend Amel as Professional Advisors to anyone who is thinking of using QuickBooks."
  • "Amel was orignially asked to recommend and implement an accounting software system for our business. Amel provided the necessary set-up and staff training. The benefits have been significant. We now have full financial control of our business and are able to produce accurate and meaningful management accounts and reports."
  • "Amel designed a database that enables all employee details to be used as a forecasting tool for resource requirements. We can now instantly produce reports and have constant access to up-to-date information. For this type of work, Amel are now our preferred supplier."
  • "Over the last 5 years Amel (UK) Limited have been closely involved with our business. Initially providing support for the implementation of new software accounting systems (resulting in significant efficiencies and savings), this was then extended to the development of all our accounting processes and procedures."
  • "Our business was looking at recruiting a full-time mangagement accountant. We looked at Amel (UK) Ltd to provide a temporary resource for producing our monthly managment accounts whilst we recruiting. They did such a good job for us that we decided to retain Amel to produce our monthly management accounts information. It was not only a cost effective solution but also we can rely on their professionalism and the quality of the information which they produce."

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